Design On A Dime

Design On A Dime

You don’t need to have a lot of money to makeover a room in your house.  It’s just knowing how you can stretch your penny and give a room a new look.

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Sometimes looking around my house, I feel that one of my rooms needs a little sprucing up, but I don’t quite have the funds to go out and purchase new items.  Repainting a room is very inexpensive; a quick fix to any room. I will go the extra mile, making sure to take down all the pictures, filling in all the nail holes, and plan how I will change up the room.  One problem I’ve had over the years is switching around the pictures and the number of holes to hide.


This is when I started using push pins as nails; they can hold up most plastic frames, small wreaths, and other small items.  I just recently gave my son the idea to display his perler bead art in his room.  

The accent color I choose to go with, will be included in the pillows and other items throughout the room.  Aaccent pillowsdding accent pillows gives an added pop of color to tie in the colors .  A little color can make all the difference.  You can even purchase fabric paint in the accent color you choose and add a little color to the pillows you already have.  pillow coversAnother cheap option to buying pillows is to buy pillow covers in the styles you want.  They just cover over the pillows you already have and they are only the fraction of the cost.  Click on the picture to check out some styles.

I also buy a can or two of spray paint in the color I have chosen as an accent color. If you shop at a local dollar store, you might be able to find items that already have the accent color you are going with or you can spray paint something to match your decor.  Either way, make sure to have some splash of color throughout the room.

In the past, I have painted wind chimes, picture frames, sculptures, vases, and more, to change up my decor.  The possibilities are endless. Try painting something a solid color and then adding polka dots, swirls, or other designs using the accent color. 

For years I wanted to put something above my bed, but never liked anything I tried:  Wall sconces, medalion, a few pictures, until….

wall paintingI decided to paint something on the wall.  acrylic paintsI used acrylic paints and had an idea and went with it.  I also added a small saying that my husband always signs his letters, notes, and cards with “Always and Forever”.

My husband came home from work and thought it was perfect, it suited our style and decor.

You don’t even have to go out and buy new items; I save things that I no longer use in hopes that some day I can do something with it again; by either changing the appearance, adding something, or painting it. painted planter

I had recently purchased a new shower curtain in my bathroom and the bathroom still needed a little something.  I went through different ideas, when I remembered I had a glass planter that no longer went with a color scheme in my house.  Because the bathroom didn’t have any windows, I really couldn’t put a real plant in there.  I ended up taking apart something I previously used and saved the fake cactus plants, re-purposed the plants into the newly painted planter.

The best part of the planter project was I had my nine year old paint the pot, so it felt like she had a hand in the decorating process as well.  It was a mini project we completed together; hopefully she will carry with her, this creative side, when she grows up and has a place of her own.

Another great way to add some cheap affordable decor, with the color splash you are looking for, is to hang up art that your kids make.  You can also attempt at painting something simple yourself, or make it a family project.  Sometimes the thought of painting seems overwhelming, but you’d be surprised at how a simple piece of art can come together.  It doesn’t have to be perfect either.  It’s art.  Art is created by it’s creator.  Have fun with it and it’s something you can proudly display.

artI have several pieces of art on display throughout my house that either I or my kids have created.  One of my favorites is a leaf that my daughter painted with water colors and it went in our living room so well (this picture doesn’t do it justice).

I always look forward to my kids bringing home their creations.  Just as much as I enjoy making things, I enjoy my kids using their creative side as well.

Keep in mind, your house is your home and your home is what you make of it, so surround yourself with things that represent your family.


If you have any great, cheap, and easy home decor ideas, feel free to comment below.  I love to hear new creative ways to spruce up my home…  I’m sure many others would like to know how to design on a dime as well.

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