DIY Diaper Cake

DIY Diaper Cake

If you like being crafty or creative when it comes to making gifts for people, making a diaper cake is fun and easy to do.  You get to give a gift using something that will most definitely be used by baby and you will get many compliments for making such a creative gift.

What is a diaper cake?  A diaper cake is an arrangement of actual diapers layered to look like a tiered wedding cake, but decorated for a new arrival.  

diaper cakeAt work we would have surprise parties for some of the mommy’s-to-be and instead of trying to figure out what the mother’s likes and dislikes were (colors, clothes styles, baby accessories), all I needed to know was the sex of the baby to know what colors to use when making a diaper cake.  An unknown sex would obviously be neutral colors, such as green or yellow.


What you’ll need:

Size 2 diapers

1 ½ to 2 inch Colored ribbon

Rubber bands

Cardboard or tray (to place ‘cake’ on)

Fake Flowers

Baby socks/pacifiers/washcloths (dollar store or Walmart)

Hot glue gun/sticks

*optional:  Wrapping paper on a tube to decorate tray/cardboard platform:  Use the Cardboard tube from an empty wrapping paper or paper towel roll for center support.

diaper cakeI usually make my diaper cakes out of either size 1 or size 2 diapers. The size of the diapers will make a difference in the size cake that you will end up with and how many diapers you will end up using.  I prefer size 2 diapers because when baby comes home, he/she is usually wearing size 1 diapers, this way the diaper cake can be on display for a little while before baby grows into the size 2 diapers.

Click on the picture to order size 2 diapers.diapers

What to decorate the diaper cake with? Some people like to load up the cake with decorations, but to me, it makes it look a little cluttered.  I like to buy thick ribbon to wrap each layer of diapers and then use baby socks or washcloths to make fake flowers to put along the top.  I go to either the dollar store or Walmart to buy fake flowers, baby socks, and washcloths. I use the baby socks and washcloths to make into flowers, fake flower greens, and pacifiers to use for the cake topper.

I’ve seen some diaper cakes where people have individually wrapped the diapers, but I make my cakes a little bit different.  diaper cake tierI start by rolling one diaper and the placing the next one around it, and continue with the same pattern. You can use rubber bands to hold the diapers in place while you place one after the next.   After I make 3 different size tiers, I either have a tray to set the tiers on (platform) or I cut a circle or a square into a piece of cardboard and wrap it with baby-style wrapping paper (dolIar store). Placing the first tier onto the chosen platform.  You can use the cardboard circular tubes (from the center of the wrapping paper) to place in the center of each tier to hold them in place.

Another cute gift, instead of a diaper cake, are Cupcake Onesie’s.  (The cupcakes onesie’s shown here are not my pictures and I do not take credit for making these particular ones).

What you’ll need:

onesie cupcakes

Cute cupcake liners (or cupcake inserts) of  the gender or color scheme.

1 onesie and 1 pair of socks per cupcake.

A small box for display

The video below shows how to make the cupcake Onesie’s

Place your rolled up onesie inside the cupcake liner.  You may want to tug on the center sock and onesie to get the effect you’re looking for.  I found using the cardboard cupcake inserts work better than actual cupcake liners, but that’s my preference.  onesie(Click on the onesie image to select the color and quantity you want)

…and there you have it.  Cute homemade baby gifts to either gift to an expectant mother or to make for an upcoming baby shower decoration.  If you have made a diaper cake or plan to in the future, make sure to comment below.  Any and all ideas for cake toppers would be greatly appreciated.  I’m always looking for other ways to decorate my diaper cakes.

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  1. The diaper cake would make a great centerpiece at a baby shower. A gift & decor all in one! I’d like to try, and make one some time. Your pics of the end result are inspiring.

    1. Thank you for your comment. The diaper cakes are a great centerpiece. I made one for my sister in law’s baby shower. They are cute and fun to make. I’ve actually been thinking about going into business just making these; had several requests if I ever decided to.

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