Fashion Nail Art

Fashion Nail Art

My oldest daughter was really into nail art several years ago.  When she turned 12, she was always asking me if she could paint my nails. The obsession grew over time, and because her painting abilities improved over the years, her creations had only gotten better.  

Now an adult, my daughter did not choose to go this route as a profession, but still and always will enjoy painting and designing nails.

These photos were taken when she first started painting nails:

Nail art   

I had to ask my daughter for her permission to give away her secret to nail art, and with her permission:  her secret to nail art was not painting with just nail polish, but with acrylic paint.  After she would put on 2 coats of a nail polish of choice (depending on design), she would then paint a design in acrylic paint. After the acrylic paint dried, which takes little to no time at all, she would then put on a coat or two of clear coat nail polish.  The clear coat nail polish helps protect the acrylic paint from chipping off. 

The cool thing about painting on nails with acrylic paint is if you make a mistake it washes off with water.  She would keep cotton swaps on hand.  Using swabs:  dabbing them in water, allows you to remove a small portion of the acrylic paint off the nail.  Helpful when making a mistake and not wanting to take off the entire painted art on a nail.

Here’s what you will need to get started with designing your own nails:

  • Small tip paint brushesclear coat nail polish
  • Nail polish
  • Acrylic paint
  • Dotting tools
  • Toothpicks (for more precise drawing/dotting)
  • Clear coat nail polish (click on the picture to the right to purchase)
  • Cotton swabs
  • Small container of water

These photos were taken after years of practicing:

To speed up the drying process you could purchase a nail dryer.  (click on the picture if you’re interested in purchasing a nail dryer)nail dryer  My daughter would prefer to use the nail dryer for toes; only because you can avoid using your fingers a bit longer than your toes (with needing to walk around or put shoes on might cause premature smudging).  So, if you have the ability to paint or draw things, try using the acrylic paint on nails and you’d be amazed at the cute creations you come up with.

Holiday nail art can be as simple as making stripes like a candy cane. First you paint the base nail polish coat, red, then you use the acrylic paint to paint on the white stripes.  Or maybe you want to chose another color for stripes; like candy canes that are flavored other than mint.

It’s so nice having my own nail artist in the home.  Anytime, any mood, any occasion, my daughter is here to design.  It’s always good to have an idea in mind, but sometimes I would just let her create whatever she wanted.

After a while, my daughter got even smarter, and decided to purchase fake nails by the bulk and pre-paint nails for family and friends to pick from.

Here’s just a few of the pre-painted nails:

 the butterfly nails were a definite hit and she found herself making this design the most.  My daughter has an amazing creative side to her and she still amazes me, til this day, with all her beautiful creations.

If you have any suggestions for nail art, please comment below.  There are so many designs to pick from.  Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to read my post about my daughter and her Fashion Nail Art.


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