Hard Wax Beans

Hard Wax Beans

I had seen the hard wax beans advertised a lot on social media and even watched a couple tutorials on people using them.  I’m the type of person that can’t go a day without shaving my legs…yes…even throughout the winter months. I am all for trying something that reduces how often I have to shave my legs.

Hard Wax BeansI looked on Amazon and I found “Amazon’s Choice,” a package deal that consisted of:  a warmer, 4 bags of hard wax beans, and the wooden spatula (they look like tongue depressors to me).  The package deal was $29.99. I wasn’t sure if the four bags of hard wax beans was going to be enough for a few people to use (my daughters and husband wanted to be my guinea pigs with trying out this product).  I added additional hard wax beans to my cart. I placed the order and the package came within 2 days; I currently do not have Amazon Prime so I was very impressed with how fast the package came (click on the image above to add to your Amazon cart).

The video below shows my process with opening the package, its contents, and trying the product.  The warming process took some time to warm the wax beansFajita Crockpot. I suggest if you do purchase this item, and use it, to have something to do while you are waiting for the beans to warm. I made myself tea and a crockpot dinner for my family of 6. By the time I completed the dinner prep, I wiped off my counter tops and the wax beans were finally ready.

OUCH!  That first rip really hurt….and so did everyone after that. I’ve never had my legs waxed before so I was not prepared for how much it hurt.  I get my eyebrows done, but that’s not even comparable. I think the wax is easy to spread and easy to lift off.  I liked that there wasn’t anything more to use in the process other than the wax. Usually, waxing requires the wax strips that are placed on top of the wax in order to rip off.

The settings allowed for me to adjust the temperature of the wax so it wasn’t too hot to apply.  However, ripping off the wax, it left over ¾ of my hair on my legs. I tried another spot, just to see, and again minimal hair was removed.  Later in the day my legs were extremely red in the spots where I tried removing the hair.

I will attempt at waxing my eyebrows and see how that works.  If it does work, I will keep the product for that purpose, but will return the entire kit if I have no luck with that as well.  A great tip for waxing eyebrows, use Popsicle sticks to apply the wax. You can buy them at a craft store, or in the craft section at a Walmart.  A small stick allows for better control in small areas.

I would give this product 1 star out of 5, only because it shipped to my residence fast and the wax was easy to apply.  The product itself is a definite thumbs down for me, personally.

If you or someone else has tried this product, or the Hard Wax Beans starter kit, please let me know in the comments below:  how your/their experience was with the hard wax beans and if you/they liked the product or not.  Thanks for visiting my site.



I tried this product on my eyebrows and armpits and it worked great!!  However, when I tried to removes unwanted hair on my husband’s chest, it barely removed any of the hair.  I change my rating from a 1 to a 2.5  (out of 5) because I am happy that I now can do my own eyebrows at home!


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