Introducing…. Everything and That

Introducing…. Everything and That

Everything and that.

This website is going to be random things that are about anything and everything that I do that may interest others.  I am a mother of 4, a wife of twenty-one years, and I have so many hobbies and interests; I often feel like I’m all over the place with things.  I decided, that if something is helpful, fun, or easy to do, then why not start posting things to share with others.

Healthy Choices.

I try to feed my family as much healthy foods as I possibly can on a limited budget.  There are many times that I felt I should share some of my tips or recipes with other people.  Sometimes having easier/more convenient ways of eating healthy might get more of us to eat better, and do so, more often.  Especially, if it’s cheap and easy to make…and good for you.  It’s a win win.  Buying or growing healthy foods allows for better choices for everyone in the family.  My kids choose a healthier choice 9 times out of 10, just because we always have ‘better for you’ foods at their disposal.


Another interest of mine is photography.  I have another website that I’ve started, that is a beginners path to learning how to photograph. I’m slowly teaching myself how to take better pictures.  I will post my progress on that site, as I go.  It’s available for anyone to check out and follow my journey into photography.   Some pictures on the site are Denise Klinger originals, and others are pictures from a free website; that allows you to use their awesome picture selection for designing websites and other purposes. 


I have always been into crafts.  There is going to be a variety of different crafts offered on this site.  I have done so many in the past already, and I can’t wait to share as many of them as I can. I will even attempt new things and offer my opinions and whether or not they were worth the hype.  I host craft parties at least 2 or 3 times a year and they range from making or painting things for fun or to give as gifts.


I feel because the warmer weather is approaching, here, where I live, I may be discussing gardening a little more in my first couple of posts.  I hope to even do some canning at the end of the season, showing the process, and how fun it can be.  My grandfather was a gardener and taught me a lot. If he was still around today I would have so many more questions for him.  I bet we could talk forever on this topic. There are several different things I plant, replant, and first time growing each year. I will show step by step instructions of my gardening and why I plant what I plant and what I use in my soil, what to compost, and the “do’s” and what “not to do’s” with gardening.

Cheap Decor.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to spend tons of money when it comes to decorating in and outside of my house.  Things wear, things tear, things just get old and need to be replaced. Sometimes things just need a little something to bring it back to life…or give it another purpose.  From spray painting vases, picture frames, mirror frames, outdoor furniture, etc…there hasn’t been too many things that I haven’t tried “repurposing”.

Homemade to save.

What’s that smell?  Sometimes there’s a funky smell in my laundry or I’m in need of a quick ‘tidy’ smell before company arrives…quick, affordable, easy ways to get rid of smells and save a few bucks. Homemade lip gloss, bath bombs, and more… I have and will be doing even more of these homemade projects to save.


I am constantly playing around with different flavors, and I’m fortunate that my husband and kids love new dishes for mealtime.  When I concoct different meals, my husband always asks me, “did you write down how you made it/what’s in it?” and I hardly ever do.  So, the downside to that is, we never have the same dish twice.  Having this website will allow me to do just that:  Make a dish and write down how I made it, for my recipe box, and, hopefully into yours as well.

There are many more topics I plan to cover.  These are just a few that I could think of off the top of my head.  If it’s helpful, I will post it, if it saves, I will post it, if it’s something really cool, I will post it. Too many times I’ve done so many things that people have enjoyed or asked my opinion on and what better way to show/teach them, would be to direct them to this website.

I have taught my kids to be creative and they too have done pretty amazing things and often times it’s from the cardboard I’ve saved and items from the recycle bin.  Hard to believe, but I have a lot of organizing ideas from just cans from the recycling bin: washed, sanded edges, spray painted, and make them into organizers for crafts, tools, makeup, small toiletry items, and other things.  The ideas are endless.

My latest hobby, photography, will allow me to practice taking pictures for some of my postings here on this site, and it will give me the added experience in the process. I hope that if not all, but one, of my posts are helpful or fun for anyone that can benefit from them.

I look forward to delivering as many ideas that I have to offer.  I’m constantly thinking of all the things I’ve done, or plan to do.  I’m also open to suggestions for possible crafts or topics to share, so please feel free to email me at with any and all ideas that you might have.    

Please make sure to add my site to your favorites so you can come back and see any new posts on Everything and That.

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