Money Saving Cleaning Supplies

Money Saving Cleaning Supplies

I’ve held onto these secrets for so many years.  Although I’ve shared my ideas with a few people here and there, I figured it’s now time to share my money saving ideas with all of you.
To start off, I have 4 children (2 teenagers, one almost a teen, and a 9 year old), so money saving ideas are beneficial to our family.

Bar of soapThe first thing I’d like to share with you is how I managed to save on hand soap:  Buying soap for all the bathrooms and my kitchen sink got to be very costly. Bars of soap didn’t work, as they got dropped, squeezed, poked, dismembered, and ended up in pieces and clogging the drains. My next step was soap dispensers. soap dispenserI found the foaming soaps worked the best because it was less soap. With regular liquid soap, the kids would pumped 2 or 3 times and they were in the bathroom forever rinsing the soap off their hands. The foam soap worked better because it wasn’t as heavy as full-on liquid soap. Three bathrooms and my kitchen equaled 4 bottles of foam soap, at between 1-2 dollars, depending on what store I got to that week. I then discovered we were going through a bottle a day in the one downstairs bathroom and another one in the kitchen. Let’s say the soaps are $1.25 a piece and I need 2 bottles replaced every day, that equals $17.50, just for 2 soap dispensers every week. That’s not even including the 2 other bathrooms and how often they would run out, maybe once every 3 to 4 days. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather put that money towards food to feed all of my kids.

…I found a quick fix for that! I purchased the initial foam soap container (I purchase the Dial brand foaming soap), and then I purchased a full bottle of regular dish liquid: Once the foam soap container is empty, you open the bottle, pour dish liquid into the empty container about ¼ full, then add water slowly, screw on the lid and shake. Done. Pretty easy, don’t you think?  It works exactly like the regular foaming soap.  However, if you overfill the container with the liquid soap, the foaming mechanism will not function properly and you will have to reinvest in another foaming dispenser.

How many of you use odor eliminator sprays to freshen up your home before company arrives? I’ve never purchased any odor eliminating sprays, but over 15 years ago I came up with my own. One of my favorite things about doing laundry was the smell of the fabric softener. If I could only get that smell onto my comforter (bedding), or my couch, or even on my entryway rug, on a regular basis. So I came up with my own odor eliminator spray.spray bottles  I purchased an empty spray bottle, liquid fabric softener (preferably, Snuggle or Downy), I poured about a ¼ of the liquid fabric softener into the empty spray bottle and filled the remaining ¾ with water, shook, and there’s my instant spray. I can’t tell you how many compliments I’ve received when using this spray. Click on the picture to purchase a bulk of spray bottles.  They come in handy for many different household solutions.  Make sure to clearly label each bottle so you don’t get them mixed up.

clothes pinsAnother great and simple odor eliminator that I’ve had people try, is clothes pinning a dryer sheet to a furnace vent in any room of the house. Preferably the bathroom, since those rooms are smaller and the dryer sheet scents are then most effective.

How many of you purchase disinfectant sprays for your kitchens or bathrooms? Again, if you purchase an empty spray bottle, add between a ¼ teaspoon to a tablespoon of bleach to the bottle, add water to fill up the bottle, shake, and there you have it. You might think that that is barely enough bleach, but in fact it is. I recommend using the full tablespoon with water solution for your bathroom and the ¼ teaspoon for your kitchen.  ****Make sure you are careful when pouring the bleach in the bottle because bleach will instantly stain your clothes. Also, make sure that whatever you are using to measure your bleach you are only using that measuring device for your cleaning solution and never again with food.

This might sound really cheap, but I even have a diluted bottle of fabric softener that I keep in my laundry room for when my kids do laundry.  I keep the concentrated bottle out of sight, and refill the diluted bottle when it starts to get low (1/3 bottle of softener to 2/3 water).  If you buy a better brand of softener, the smell is very potent.  I find that a lot of the cheaper brands are more liquid and seem to compare to my diluted bottle.  My kids tend to overuse things, not thinking of the cost to mom and dad, so I slyly change up products around the house to avoid having to spend more money on replacing them more often.

pump bottle shampooAnother money saving idea I found extremely helpful was purchasing a pump shampoo and conditioner bottle for my kids bathroom (click on the picture to purchase). Once the bottles are empty, I purchase cheaper shampoos and conditioners to refill the bottles.  I don’t know about you, but my kids tend to use more shampoo and conditioner than needed.

Having 4 children and having to purchase all these items adds up…

Think about the savings just on these few tips alone! I’ve saved hundreds of dollars just by doing these money saving cleaning supplies in my home.

I’ve also made homemade (safe for kids and pets) weed killer, mosquito repellent, and sunscreen. I hope to write a future post on those just because they have been so helpful to me, my family, and friends in the past.

If you have any other money saving tricks that you care to share… please make sure to comment below (including a detailed description for myself, and others to try).   I always love to hear any and all ideas on how to save.  Also make sure to comment if you think that you will try, or have already tried, any of these money saving tips.

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