Outdoor Decor

Outdoor Decor

I don’t know if your family is anything like mine, but as soon as the weather breaks, our backyard is our extended living space.  Because we like to spend so much time outside, we have tried to make our backyard inviting and comfortable. backyard water gardenMy husband created a beautiful water garden with his imagination and his own two hands.  We have enjoyed sitting back and watching our first and second year koi swimming around for entertainment (who needs a tv). Unfortunately, I do not have the strength, motivation, or the skill to attempt such a huge project such as this, so I just mainly find smaller projects to do around the yard (outdoor decor). 

Outdoor DecorHis pond gave me an idea for a little something I could make.  We have saved old pallets and rummaging through, I found a piece that was perfect to make a sign to go along side his pond.

I save everything!  So, when I thought of this idea, I remembered I had saved some pie tins and decided to make fish out of them.  I began to cut in the middle and realized, wait… The edge of the  tin would make for a cute fish tail.  Once I finished painting the sign, I added a couple coats of clear coat spray paint.  Once the paint dried I used a staple gun to attach the fish to the sign.  I’m glad my husband appreciates my little knick knacks, especially ones around his pride and joy.

Once my kids got a little older and they weren’t using their raised clubhouse anymore, we decided to take it down.  The clubhouse is now ground level and we use it to store bikes and the kids sporting equipment. The posts, that kept the clubhouse off the ground, were then used for another project and all we had left was the ladder; which gave me an idea💡.  One of the first outdoor decor projects I created was a ladder plant holder.Trash to Treasure I had taken the old ladder off the clubhouse and placed it up against my house. The back of the house was plain, had nothing going on, and needed a little ‘something’. I can’t tell you how many compliments I got from just that idea.

When my husband got permission from a local farmer, to take as many rocks from the fields (to use for his water garden), there were so many different rock shapes and sizes to pick from.  I had to sneak a few for a couple projects of my own. The first project my husband made with his rocks was a grill island for entertaining. Our guests and kids would sit along the counter while my husband and I prepped food and I felt there needed to be something on the counter top for people to do.tic tac toe  This is where I came up with the idea to make a tic tac toe game using rocks. It was a hit! I may have another game in mind to create for more visitors, when I get the time of course.

Rock painting is definitely a fun craft where the possibilities are endless; the size, the creativity, and what it represents (ex. words of hope, encouragement, family, nature, expression, etc…).

My oldest daughter painted a rock for her younger sister of the Lorax, by Dr Suess; (this was my youngest daughters favorite story when she was little) all because she was sad about us cutting down a tree.

Now, when we are out in our yard we see this wonderful reminder of her youth and innocence.

I don’t know about you, but I’m always changing the colors in rooms in my house and have quite a few paint cans cluttering up our storage space.  One day I looked at those paint cans and came up with an idea.  After my kids finished a jar of peanut butter or some small plastic container with a lid, I’d take them and run them through the dishwasher.  I then took the paint cans and poured the paint into these containers, labeling the top (kitchen, living room, master bedroom, whatever the paint color happened to be for).  This saved space, cutting down the size of the container…but now what do I do with the, close-to-empty, paint containers?   If you open a can of paint and let it sit out in the sun, the paint hardens, which allows you to peel out the paint from the can.

The process of the paint drying may take a while.  Days, weeks, or months, depending on how much paint is left in the can. So make sure you keep it out of reach of kids and pets, and to make sure there isn’t a possibility of spilling or ingesting.  You might want to call your town to see how to properly dispose of  paint if you still have a lot in the can.  Once it dries, you can literally grab a piece and pull it out clean.

Now, what to do with these paint cans:outdoor decor



I got out the drill and drilled two small holes into the bottom of each paint can and…



then filled the cans up with dirt.

Outdoor decor






After turning these paint cans into planters I added them to my plant ladder, which kind of goes with the theme of a painter.paint can planters

If you have made something out of something unusual or unique, please make sure to write a comment below and share you’re outdoor decor tricks.  I’d love to hear more ways to dress up my yard for less.

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