Rock Painting Crafts

Rock Painting Crafts

Here’s another fun craft idea that is great for all ages…Rock Painting. I have even used this craft at my kids birthday parties. Painting rocks is so much fun and you don’t even need any previous artistic abilities. Your finished masterpiece can be used for many different purposes: inside flower pots, in gardens, and even given and received painted rocks as gifts. It doesn’t matter the size of the rock either…the ideas are endless.

We had a Sponge Bob themed birthday party for my middle daughter a couple years ago.  We themed every station that had to do with the cartoon. (More on special themed birthday parties in a later post).  One of the activities was at “Rock Bottom”; which was the table set up for rock painting.  This project needs to be started early, so the paint has time to dry for kids to take them home.  These are easy and fun keepsakes for kids.

Here were a couple of their creations:

Here’s a list of what you’ll need:

  • Acrylic paint *click on the picture for the full description.acrylic paints
  • brushes, dotting tools, tooth picks, sponge brushes
  • rocks
  • paper plates (to use as your paint pallet)
  • dollar store table cloth, garbage bags, or old newspaper
  • clear coat spray paint
  • your ideas…

Paint Marker PensI’ve also just started using the paint marker pens.  These are definitely easy to use and less mess.  You’re able to get a more precise drawing verses using paints and brushes.  Especially when you’re doing more intricate work.  Being new at using these paint pens, I’ve read on social media groups that some people have even bought the above listed paints (bottles), and used them to refill the paint pens.  Even making costume colors, by mixing different colors together.  A useful piece of information that I hope others are able to start doing.  If you’re interested in purchasing the paint marker pens, make sure to click on the picture to do so.

You can pick up a bag of rocks at a home improvement store (ex. Home Depot), a pond supply place, on a hike, or if you live near a local beach. Sometimes while picking up a rock, I know instantly what I’m going to paint on it. Other times I’m lacking creativity. If you go to Google Images and type in “Rock Painting”, there are many ideas to pick from.

spray paintAfter the paint dries on my rock(s), I take them outside and spray paint them with a clear coat spray paint 2 or 3 times (drying in between coats); this allows the design to last a bit longer on the painted rocks. The clear coat also adds a brightness and a shine to the art, bringing out the colors. *Click on the picture to purchase the spray paint

A couple years ago, we had to take down a tree in our backyard and my youngest daughter was upset that we were ‘killing’ the tree. My husband and I had to explain to her that it was very close to our house, branches were very fragile, along with the ever so annoying ant problem.  Plus we were trying to avoid future root problems, being that the tree was very close to our septic system.  At the time, my daughters favorite book was ‘The Lorax’ by Dr. Seuss, so my oldest daughter found a giant rock and painted the Lorax on the rock and we placed it on the stump…

and we quoted from the book, “I am the Lorax and I speak for trees”. It made her smile and now it’s a constant reminder of how sweet and innocent she was at that time in her life.

Along with hosting wine glass painting parties, I have also had a rock painting party with much success. I’ve even had requests to do a rock painting ‘get together’ in the near future.
Here’s some ideas you can use for your rocking paintings in the future:

  • Dots
  • In memory of (friend, family member, pet)
  • Flowers
  • Inspirational words/quotes
  • Favorite cartoon character
  • Emotion Faces
  • I heart “ “
  • Gardening labeling
  • ..and more

I personally use rock painting to label what I have planted in my gardens.  These are great because they are reusable, stand up to the weather, and are cute to look at.  I plan to make more this year, as I am expanding my gardens.

Even if you’re not confident in your drawing abilities, instead of drawing to label, you can just paint the words on your rocks.  Maybe using a little bit of ‘fancy’ in your lettering (as my kids would say).

Not only is your rock creations great for garden labeling, it’s fun to add to your outdoor decor as well.

Last year for Father’s Day, my oldest daughter painted these beautiful rocks to add to the landscaping around my husband’s pond.

My daughter also painted, and gifted to me, this beautiful floral rock for Mother’s Day.  I keep in on my counter top in my kitchen, because my kitchen is also red.

My husband and I have a private deck off of our master bedroom, so I painted a few rocks to put out there for added decoration.

Start your Rock Painting Craft by adding this fun activity to your next holiday, birthday, or another type of gathering.  It’s also helpful to print out examples of rock paintings, from online or your own, and laminate them to have ideas available for those friends or family that need inspiration.

If you were to paint a rock, which one of the ideas, that I’ve presented above, would you chose to create?  For a gift?  A gardening label? Decor?  Or maybe you have an idea of your own that you can share on the comments below.  I would love to hear more ideas for other rock painting creations.

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