Trash To Treasure Part 2

Trash To Treasure Part 2

Welcome back to the second part of Trash To Treasure.  I had quite a few people enjoy the great finds I found at yard sales or out to the garbage. Sometimes I hit the jackpot at one stop, while other times, it could be several weeks before my next find.  Either way, my storage is quite small, so sometimes it’s good to have time in between my next find, so I’m not limited on space.  When I find that I have too much stuff starting to pile up, I sometimes feel overwhelmed when trying to figure out when I will complete the projects; especially when I have so many other things going on in my life.

bistro tableMy latest find was a bistro table.  (Keep in mind, the picture here is the ‘before’.  I will post ‘after’ pictures as soon as I finish this project–very excited about it) I’ve been looking for a bistro set for over a year now, with no luck.  I want to put a set out by the pond my husband made for our 20th wedding anniversary.  Currently, the bench I found by the side of the road (in the original Trash to Treasure) is by the pond for us to sit on.  We make it a point to sit out by the pond at least once a day, and feed our fish, talk about our day, and plan our weekend.  Since we like to have our coffee by the pond, ideally, a bistro set would be a more practical choice of seating. I’m keeping my eyes open for that; I may only need two chairs at this point, if I just found a bistro table.

A couple months ago I got a call from my daughter on her way out of town, she spots a small dresser.  I’ve been looking for two small dressers because my two younger girls will be getting their own rooms next year so they need their own space.  My husband, son, and I, hop into our truck and venture down the road…and we hit the jackpot: A dresser, chair, and 2 bikes. The dresser and chair fit into the back of the truck, but my son and I end up having to walk the bikes home.  The bikes need a little TLC, but they were in pretty great condition: A good scrubbing, tube replacement, and maybe a new tire for one. The brakes are in great shape and there’s little to no rust; nothing a little spray paint couldn’t take care of.


You don’t necessarily need to pick up things from the side of the road in order to redo or re-purpose.  Look around your house, basement, garage, attic, shed, or backyard.

I even took old wine bottles and made them into accent lights in my gardens. The clear bottles are great for lighting a brighter walkway or path and the darker bottles are great for dimmer illumination in gardens.


You first start by washing the bottles, inside and out.  If you choose to take off the labels, you can soak them in warm soapy water to remove.  A scrub brush often helps remove what’s left on the bottle. Strand of lights (click on the picture of lights) Take a strand of lights, starting in the middle of the strand, start stuffing the lights and wires up into the wine bottle.  As you carefully push the lights and wires in, you will want to tip the bottle right side up now and again to hit the bottom (on your hand or top of your leg) to get the lights to move to the bottom of the bottle (making sure not to hit yourself too hard, injuring yourself).

garden lightsOnce the lights and wires are inside the bottle, you will have the two ends of the lights hanging out of the bottom. Take the outlet part of the wire (holed end) and wrap the cord around the neck of the bottle, leaving the plug/tong end of the wires ready to be plugged in.

path lightsFor one of the lights that I used to illuminate a small path, I saved an old hot dog skewer that had lost its wooden handle and used it as the stake to push into the ground and the handle part I used to put the open neck of the bottle onto.  Next was the fun part…and that was plugging it in.

The darker bottles I used in my gardens and just purchased dowels from our local hardware store as stakes to hold the bottles into place (pushing the dowels into the soil, deep enough to secure the bottle).  I chose to leave the labels on, only because I was so excited to put the new lights in the garden.  

It’s so inexpensive and fun to do, especially knowing you can make as many as you want.  Make sure to ask around; asking people to save their bottles.  They are definitely more affordable to make than solar and garden lights.  The best part is, the wires work like when you string Christmas lights, plugging one strand into the next, so your string of lights can be as many as you’re willing to make.

My last post explained how I save items around the house and reuse or repurpose them by either changing up their look or appearance by repainting, refurbishing, or adding new features.

There are so many things you can repurpose or refurbish; I can’t tell you how many times I’ll go to throw something out and look it over and decide to keep it ‘just in case’.  Then when I’m doing a project and think what I could use, the *light bulb goes off* and I remember I had saved something I could use for that particular project.

plastic toteOrganization is key when saving things.  I have baskets and bins that hold different items: ribbons, twine, glass bottles, plastic bottles, tin containers, etc…

(the picture provides a link to plan your next step to be more organized).

If you have any organizational tips and trash to treasure projects please comment below.  I always love hearing ideas on how to organize. Having 4 children and a ‘cozy’ house, I’m all about organization.  Thanks for stopping by.  I hope this post was helpful.


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